Advance Insulation System

Made in the United Kingdom by BASF

Key Advantages of THERMSEAL®

Low density open cell spray foam

Suitable for insulation of residential & commercial properties

Increases energy-efficiency

Excellent sound control

Environmentally friendly

Increases living comfort and air quality

How to correctly insulate your home to BS5250 using open cell spray foam ?

1) Ventilate the roof by installing ridge vent and sofit vent.

2) Spray THERMSEAL after 50mm carding in done on the roof.

Together they make


U.S.P - Thermseal Advanced Insulation System lets the wood to ventilate along with providing higher insulation value to your roof.

How We Insulate?


Install Ridge Vent & Sofit Vents


50mm Air Gap Carding


Spray Thermseal Spray Insulation


Use only Thermseal accredited installers

What is BS 5250?

BS 5250 – currently the 2016 edition – is the code of practice for controlling condensation in buildings. It provides building designers with guidance on safeguarding the health of occupants by considering likely sources of moisture, avoiding the build-up of excessive moisture, and preventing mould growth and condensation.

BS 5250 states that the designer should take account of the following moisture sources in buildings:
BS 5250 also emphasises the importance of well-sealed ceilings to curb the transfer of moisture into a roof space by means of moisture-laden air. This means:
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